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TheGitaApp and GitaAppLite

Developed by Sven Sellmer
Download the lite or full version from iTunes:

TheGitaApp - what's that?

Explore the depth of the Bhagavadgita with a new iOS app.

TheGitaApp offers you a revolutionarily new view of one of the most famous texts of Indian tradition. For each of the verses of the Gita, it provides the full Sanskrit text and an English translation, both embedded in a smart user interface.

Full explanation of the text

TheGitaApp is more than just another e-reader for Sanskrit. Along with the full Sanskrit text and the English translation, it provides a complete explanation of all Sanskrit words found in the text. (In case of long shlokas many users find it convenient to use the horizontal view - see second screenshot).

Below the main text you will find a version with sandhi resolved, which in itself makes understanding the Sanskrit much easier.

But the best thing is, by clicking on one of the segments you get the grammatical explanation of every word in the Gita right away - just as in the case of वेत्ति in the first two screenshots.

By toggling the little "switch" you can change between grammatical explanations in Western and Indian Style (compare the first two screenshots).

In addition the built-in Sanskrit-English dictionary gives you the main meanings of the word.

And under the peacock feather at the bottom of the page there is an English translation of the whole shloka.

To come back to this screen from anywhere else just tap the Sanskrit At Your Fingertip home icon (see screenshots 3-10).


Add verses to your favourite list with one tap on the heart-plus icon.

Access a list of all of your favourites by touching the heart icon.

Easy navigation

Use your finger to "swipe" to the next strophe, or tap on Arjuna's chariot.

You may also browse the whole Gita comfortably - just tap on the list icon.

Fully searchable

TheGitaApp gives you all passages in which a search word is found.

Just start the search menu and fill in the word you are looking for (let's say: विद्). You will get a list of results like the one shown to the right. You can then choose a verse to have a closer look at it, but - as you can see below - it is easy to return to the results of your search.

Take notes

To write notes, simply choose the pencil and touch the note paper.

Your notes will be stored automatically and can be accessed later by touching the pencil again.

Where to get it


January 5th, 2016: Gujarati OCR ( released

August 4th, 2015: Marathi OCR ( released

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