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The Gita Reader for Android

Download the free or full version from Google Play

What is the Gita Reader?

Explore the depth of the Bhagavadgita with a new app for Android.

The Gita Reader offers you a new, in-depth view of one of the most famous texts of Indian tradition. For each of the verses of the Gita, it provides the full Sanskrit text and an English translation, both embedded in a smart user interface.

Full explanation of the text

But Gita Reader is more than just another e-reader for Sanskrit. Along with the full Sanskrit text and the English translation, it provides a complete explanation of all Sanskrit words found in the text.

So, you get the grammatical explanation of every word in the Gita just by clicking on the Sanskrit text. Just as on वेत्ति in the screenshot.

Gita Reader has split every Sanskrit word into its components. Click anywhere in the text, and the app highlights the word and shows its explanation.

The free version contains the explanation only for the first three books of the Gita.

Easy navigation

Use your finger to "fling" to the next strophe, or draw a slider for the position in the text.

The built-in bookmarking function lets you store bookmarks and short notes for your favorite verses. Change your notes, or move directly to the strophes you have bookmarked.

Fully searchable

Gita Reader gives you all passages in which a word is found.

Just click on the explanation of a word to display a fully linked list of all verses that contain the word. To the right, you see a part of the list for the word विद्.

Where to get it

Both the free and the full version are available at Google Play.


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